Portsmouth Green Party Candidates 2018 Local Elections

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To see how our candidates answer the 'four questions to ask your candidates' as suggested by Portsmouth News' letter of the day, check out the Shades of Green blog post here: https://greenpompey.org.uk/shades-of-green/2018/04/27/ask-your-greens/

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Portsmouth urgently needs an air quality action plan to reduce air pollution in the city. We also need a city-wide strategy for transport, that doesn't rely on widening roads, but instead includes first-class provisions for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as affordable and reliable public transport. I am a keen cyclist and Portsmouth is the perfect city to get around without a car, but much more needs to be done to ensure that residents can choose to walk, cycle or use public transport easily and safely.

Portsmouth recycles less than a quarter of its waste, making it one of the worst in the country. I believe that we can do much better and will push to greatly improve our recycling rates. As a Green Party Councillor I will campaign for sustainable policies to make our great city a better place to live.


Portsmouth is my home city.  I have seen some great improvements and some sad losses in the past 60 odd years.

There is now a much greater diversity of people and culture which enriches the city. Leaving the EU (for all its faults) will be one more loss.

Politics affects us all whether or not we get involved. A good system of Proportional Representation could involve more people and ideas.

Reducing the use of plastic packaging, improving recycling of plastic should be a priority.

Improving poor air quality is more problematic. Air pollution in our small crowded island harms our children and shortens the lives of older people. We shouldn’t be quiet (or kept in the dark) about this silent killer.


I’m passionate about animal welfare and protecting the planet. Particularly factory farming, and the fight against plastic in the oceans. I’m super frustrated that our recycling in Portsmouth is not up to scratch and I have to keep chucking away perfectly recyclable things.

I’m born and bred Portsmouth and have a real affiliation with the sea and our beautiful beaches.

As a small business owner I also feel strongly about supporting local, independent businesses rather than chains.



My name is Chris Jolley and I am the Green Party Candidate for St Jude's. My prime concerns for the ward, and the City of Portsmouth, are to increase and improve the recycling rate and infrastructure (from more publicly accessible recycling bins through to the percentage of our waste that is ultimately recycled) and to ensure that the homeless / rough sleepers in our community are given the proper help they require (and are treated with the same care and kindness extended to other vulnerable members of society), and that we do not follow the example of Poole council in thinking that Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) and the like are going to solve anything.


My name is Mike Wines and I’m your Green Party campaigner for Fratton Ward. I am 57, a widower and have lived in Portsmouth all my adult life. I lived for several years in Fratton and now live just south of Fratton Park. My prime concerns are to ensure that air pollution in Portsmouth is reduced, that proper social care is provided to help ease NHS bed blocking and to promote renewable energy.


Hi, I’m Emma and I’m the Green Party Candidate for Hilsea. I've lived in Portsmouth my whole life, so I’ve seen many citizens who are frustrated with the lack of sustainability and environmental protections in the city. This includes my dad, who lobbied for a recycling scheme in his office and had to complete the task on his own, after hours, for no extra pay for well over ten years. He’s an inspiration and there are many unsung heroes in our city who are doing the same.

Things have gotten better in many ways since the mid-2000s, but we still have a long way to go. If elected to the city council, I would champion a cleaner city with better recycling, a stringent air quality action plan, and better facilities for the people of Portsmouth.

The people of Portsmouth deserve a cleaner, greener city and a Green Councillor would go a long way to making that a reality.


I have been a resident in Copnor for more than thirty years, living in my current home for over twenty five years. I have helped raise three daughters in the area. Having previously been a governor, education is very important.

Copnor road is one of Portsmouth most congested roads, so I am a strong supporter of the Let Pompey Breathe campaign. This seeks to improve and monitor the city’s air quality.  

I would campaign with other organisations to improve the cycle routes through Copnor, and especially along the Eastern road so that it can be made safer. This could be achieved by moving the cycle track to new one on the edge of harbour. It would be costly but safety has a cost.

I would become more actively involved in protecting our heritage and culture. I would like to see a memorial to Neville Shute, an author who spent time in the city and helped design aircraft at the city’s airport. Using Hilsea bastion for the new WW1 remembrance centre is certainly a step in the right direction.

Having been a JP in the past, anti-social behaviour is of concern, especially ‘fly tipping’. I have contacted the council about rubbish left at the end of Green Lane which is becoming a regular occurrence.

I believe I would be a strong candidate for the Copnor ward.


We need to abandon old dogmatic solutions in favour of sustainable and accountable systems. Of particular concern in Portsmouth is the level of traffic, which causes parking problems, delays, pollution and climate change. I will fight for more investment in cycling, walking and public transport, as well as requiring development schemes to put these priorities at their centre. Green spaces need to be introduced around the city to improve well being. The city also needs to improve its recycling rates, which are among the worst in the country.

I am an air quality campaigner and regular blogger on the #LetPompeyBreathe campaign and I support efforts to remain in the EU.



I am a Royal Navy veteran and ex-Portsmouth University student who has lived and worked in Portsmouth for over a decade. My prime concerns are to ensure that air pollution in Portsmouth is reduced, to ensure all pupils receive an appropriate school place, to tackle traffic congestion and to promote renewable energy.


I am the Green Party candidate for Charles Dickens ward and I believe urgent action needs to be taken to address Portsmouth’s poor air quality, lack of affordable housing, homelessness and lack of support for those who are struggling.  We need a cleaner, greener environment to improve the health and wellbeing of residents. We need more affordable housing, better protection for private tenants and intensive support for those experiencing homelessness. Education should be properly funded for all our young people, as well as ensuring there are opportunities for adults to return to education and improve their life-chances.  

We need to invest in schemes to improve public transport, cycling and walking in the city to reduce pollution and promote better health.  I have lived in Portsmouth for over 20 years and I am committed to ensuring this city becomes a better environment for all residents.


As the Green Party Candidate for the Milton ward, I am standing for a change in the status quo. A strong believer in social justice and equality, I do not claim to know everything about local government but I am persistent, tenacious and will fight your corner to the end. My key concerns are Portsmouth's dangerous air quality, low recycling rates, unsafe roads for cyclists and the lack of resources and support for those experiencing homelessness. I will also tackle the daily frustrations around parking, dog poo, litter and anti-social behaviour.

I am not a career politician but instead someone who has lived in Portsmouth for over twelve years who is tired of the toxic atmosphere within our city council. As your Green Councillor, I want to enhance and improve all of our cities' wonderful qualities.


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