Portsmouth and Havant Green Party Candidates 2019 General Election

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I settled in the Havant area with my family ten years ago, having lived all over the country growing up. We have made the area our home.

When asked what I do for a living, I usually have two responses ready. The first, I work in IT. The second, I take facts, figures and statistics, and analyse them to present the truth. I have worked all over the country in many different sectors, from banking to social services.

My personal moral compass points to equality, accountability, and personal responsibility. Havant deserves an MP that really cares about the area and the people in it, whether tackling the air quality in the town, or the wildlife along the coast.


I grew up in Cosham and for the last 6 years have lived in Hilsea. I have lived and worked in the local area all my life and have a good knowledge of the area. As a Specialist Paramedic I am based in North Harbour but work all over the local area covering mainly Portsmouth, Southsea, Havant, Hayling, Waterlooville, Fareham and Gosport. I work closely with the QA hospital staff and other community services as part of my role. I would like to see stronger encouragement to move away from the intensive farming of animals and a more towards organic farming practices. I also feel the use of non-stunning slaughter houses is a concern that should be addressed.

I wish to provide all voters the opportunity to vote for the Green Party and therefore have candidates to vote for. I feel strongly that both social and environmental issues are concerning increasing number of people and I feel that their concerns should have the opportunity to be voiced by a representative that will act on their behalf.I feel strongly about social and environmental issues effecting Portsmouth North such as traffic, air quality, littering, jobs and health provision. I oppose Brexit and feel a strong political argument needs to be made against it and I feel I have the ability to make that case. As a Paramedic of over 18 years of experience of working in the area I feel I have a good understanding of the worries, concerns and issues effecting the people of Portsmouth. Although I have obvious work commitments, I do feel I have some time I can use to help the local area and the people within it.


In Portsmouth South, the Green Party will be standing aside as part of 'Unite to Remain'.