Portsmouth Green Party Candidates 2018 Local Elections

If you would like to ask your local candidate any questions, please do contact us by email on coordinator [at] portsmouth [dot] greenparty [dot] org [dot] uk. You can also find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up to Green Party News and Updates.

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We need to abandon old dogmatic solutions in favour of sustainable and accountable systems. Of particular concern in Portsmouth is the level of traffic, which causes parking problems, delays, pollution and climate change. I will fight for more investment in cycling, walking and public transport, as well as requiring development schemes to put these priorities at their centre. Green spaces need to be introduced around the city to improve well being. The city also needs to improve its recycling rates, which are among the worst in the country.

I am an air quality campaigner and regular blogger on the #LetPompeyBreathe campaign and I support efforts to remain in the EU.

Email: tim [at] portsmouth [dot] greenparty [dot] org [dot] uk
Twitter: @GreenTimSC


For enqueries or questions, please contact the candidates using coordinator [at] portsmouth [dot] greenparty [dot] org [dot] uk