Portsmouth and Havant Green Party Candidates 2019 Local Elections

If you would like to ask your local candidate any questions, please do contact us by email on candidates@portsmouth.greenparty.org.uk. You can also find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up to Green Party News and Updates.

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Tim is a local resident and has been an active campaigner in Fratton for the last few years,  with his ancestral routes tracing back to nearby Emsworth. 

Tim works as a software contractor and AI specialist. In his career, he has been involved in problem solving and delivery of solutions in complex research and engineering projects. His understanding of evidence based policy is needed to address the significant challenges we face.

After seeing worrying signs of environmental and social break down, Tim decided to get involved in politics and local campaigns. He has had a long interest in environmental issues, civil rights and membership of the EU. Tim currently specializes in air quality and sustainable transport issues. He has volunteered with Portsmouth Foodcycle and Fratton Big Local to help support the local community.

"We need to abandon old dogmatic solutions in favour of sustainable and accountable systems. Of particular concern in Portsmouth is the level of traffic, which causes parking problems, delays, pollution and climate change. I will fight for more investment in cycling, walking and public transport, as well as requiring development schemes to put these priorities at their centre. Green spaces need to be introduced around the city to improve well being. The city also needs to improve its recycling rates, which are among the worst in the country.

I am an air quality campaigner and regular blogger on the #LetPompeyBreathe campaign and I support efforts to remain in the EU."

Email: tim [at] portsmouth [dot] greenparty [dot] org [dot] uk
Twitter: @GreenTimSC
Phone: 07747 364 317


"Now, more than ever is the time to see a Green Party Councillor representing the needs of residents in our vibrant city! Born at St. Mary's and having lived in three different wards across Portsmouth, this is a place very close to my heart.

I have direct experience of the work of an elected representative, working as the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Regional Liaison Officer for Keith Taylor MEP. This role, which I held for eight years required me to engage with important issues relevant to the city such as the provision of food banks, the housing crisis, marine pollution and air quality. I have a working knowledge of political environments and the tenacious approach needed to support the needs of constituents. I am dedicated to progressing policies for social good and with recently completing my Masters degree in Campaigns and Social Change with the University of Westminster, I feel confident I would be a strong and effective voice for the Central Southsea community.

Animal protection is the issue I care most passionately about and there are numerous ways to help other species through council policies, that I am keen to get involved in. I am also dedicated to improving Portsmouth's air quality, making our public transport work better for residents, visitors and those employed in the city and increasing recycling rates to reduce our carbon footprint."


"I am delighted that the City Council has declared a climate emergency and as the Green Party candidate for Charles Dickens ward, I strongly believe we need to push ahead with meeting the pledge for net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Air pollution is a significant issue in Portsmouth with air quality breaching legal guidelines in many places, affecting the health and wellbeing of residents. We need to invest in schemes to make public transport more affordable and encourage more cycling and walking in the city to reduce traffic congestion and promote better health.

The amount of waste recycled in our city is poor. It is vital that we improve the range of items that can be recycled through the kerbside collections, reduce excessive packaging used by businesses and encourage significantly higher rates of recycling by households.

I have lived in Portsmouth for over 20 years and I am committed to ensuring this great city becomes a better environment for all residents."


"Hi! My name is Bekkie, and I am your candidate for St. Thomas ward, coincidentally my favourite area of Portsmouth. I love the contradictory blend of the history-steeped hot walls alongside the modern gallery spaces championing local artists (as a small business owner, I am a huge advocate of supporting local businesses which are in abundance in our city). And of course, our beautiful beach with its endless amount of passing ships, boats and ferries to observe.

I was born in Portsmouth and have lived here my whole life (34 years), I truly believe it is a fantastic place to live with a vibrant economy of local businesses, an amazing history, excellent transport links and a real sense of community spirit, however there are definite improvements that I feel could be made within the city to ensure we are looking after ourselves, our future generations and our beautiful city.

I do not claim to be an expert on local politics, instead I am driven to be your Green party candidate by my adoration and utmost respect for nature, mother nature's creatures and by my determination to try to reverse the damage we as humans have inflicted on our earth with our excessive consumption, something I have been guilty of in the past but now strive to limit to a minimum.

This means seriously improving our recycling facilities and encouraging people to use them (and to reduce our single-use plastic use and overall consumerism), additional green spaces within the city, better public transport links to reduce air pollution, taking more care of our wonderful beaches (especially during the summer months when littering is at its height) and driving home the message to shop local, especially with livestock produce to cut down on factory farming and the devastating effects it has to both our health and our environment."


"Hi, I’m Emma and I’m the Green Party Candidate for Hilsea and co-founder of the Shades of Green Blog about greener living in Portsmouth.

I've lived in Portsmouth my whole life, so I’ve seen many citizens who are frustrated with the lack of sustainability and environmental protections in the city. This includes my dad, who lobbied for a recycling scheme in his office and had to complete the task on his own, after hours, for no extra pay for well over ten years. He’s an inspiration and there are many unsung heroes in our city who are doing the same.

Things have gotten better in many ways since the mid-2000s, but we still have a long way to go. If elected to the city council, I would champion a cleaner city with better recycling, a stringent air quality action plan, and better facilities for the people of Portsmouth. The people of Portsmouth deserve a cleaner, greener city and a Green Councillor would go a long way to making that a reality."

Emma regularly writes for the Shades of Green blog.


"With a Trinidadian heritage, Devon roots and a Pompey postcode for over a decade, I will bring a spirited, independent and green perspective to an apathetic city council. Standing for change in the status quo, as the Green Party candidate for Milton, I will bring long-overdue representation of women of colour to the makeup of the council.

As a foster carer who specialises in supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, I am a strong believer in social justice and equality. I like to spend my time relaxing and drinking coffee in one of our many independent coffee shops and haranguing my household to recycle. I would much prefer for the politicians to save the planet while I enjoy my life but I cannot stand by while our city’s air is unbreathable, refugees are turned away, affordable housing is non-existent and green spaces being destroyed as our city becomes an island of traffic jams.

As a Green Party activist and the co-founder of the Shades of Green blog about greener living in Portsmouth, I try to live by my values but it is simply not enough to make changes on a personal level. The change needs to come from local and national government. I do not claim to know everything about local government but I am persistent, tenacious and will fight your corner to the end.

My key concerns are Portsmouth's dangerous air quality, low recycling rates, unsafe roads for cyclists and the lack of resources and support for those experiencing homelessness and seeking asylum. I will also tackle the daily frustrations around parking, dog poo, litter and anti-social behaviour. As your Green Councillor, I want to enhance and improve all of our cities' wonderful qualities and make it a better place to live, work, grow up and grow old in."

Tamara regularly writes for the Shades of Green blog.


"Portsmouth has been my home for almost my entire adult life and the last ten years of that have been in Eastney. During this time, ever more cars have come into the city and air pollution has reached emergency levels, yet we still don’t have a proper sustainable transport strategy. Dutch by birth, I am a keen cyclist and Portsmouth would be the perfect city to get around without a car, but it’s often not safe, easy or affordable. We urgently need an ambitious strategy that will make walking, cycling or getting the bus the default option for people, and dramatically reduces car use. As a councillor, I will work to make our great city a better and healthier place to live."


"I am a Royal Navy veteran and ex-Portsmouth University student who has lived and worked in Portsmouth for over a decade. My prime concerns are to reduce air pollution in Portsmouth, to ensure all pupils receive an appropriate school place, to tackle traffic congestion and to promote renewable energy."


"I have lived in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas for most of my life. Both my parents were from Portsmouth, and I know it well, having worked in the area also.

Currently, I work as a bus repairer in Farlington and I have also worked in conservation. I want to ensure that Portsmouth is a healthy city with an ethos of environmental concerns at its heart: improving bio-diversity, awareness of local wildlife issues and green spaces for the local public. My main concern for the city is the amount of congestion with the associated pollution problems and I am a green transport supporter. My key values are fundamental rights and respect for Portsmouth residents, regardless of religion or race. "


"It is a lucky accident of birth that I come from Portsmouth. Now retired from the NHS, I have lived and worked in Portsmouth for most of my life. I am proud to stand as a Green candidate for Baffins. Politics has a particularly poor reputation at the moment, but even if we abstain - it impacts all of our lives. It is just like the air that we breathe, it needs improving. The food that we eat, our environment, housing, education, safety, healthcare, safety; these are both local and universal issues for everyone. The Green Party may not have all of the answers but it is leading the way in challenging the old order to improve the future for us and the generations to come."


"Copnor has been my home for more than thirty years and I have raised my three daughters here.

Copnor Road is one of Portsmouth’s most congested roads, so I am a strong supporter of the #LetPompeyBreathe campaign, seeking to improve and monitor the city’s air quality.

The cycle routes through Copnor, and especially along the Eastern Road must be made safer. Supportive of our city’s heritage and culture, I would like to see a memorial to Neville Shute, an author who lived in the city and designed aircraft at the city’s airport.

Having been a Justice of the Peace, anti-social behaviour is of concern, especially ‘fly tipping’ such as at the end of Green Lane which is becoming a regular occurrence."


"I am hoping to represent Hart Plain, an area that my family has been part of for the last 10 years. I care deeply about this community; I have lived, worked and raised children here, it is my home.

My goal is simply to make sure that the needs of the community are not overlooked, that this little slice of the borough is given the attention it needs and deserves."


"I was born in Emsworth 32 years ago. Many worldwide adventures later, I remain convinced that our town is unparalleled for its perfect location, natural beauty and warm-hearted community! Being a small business owner and charity founder, the incredible community support I receive shows me that when we work together, we can achieve amazing things! As your councillor, I will help Emsworth to become an example of cooperative clean living and self-sufficiency: by investing in our high street, including the doctors’ surgery; protecting our green spaces; tackling the litter, dog poo and plastic pollution affecting our streets, beaches and ponds; and by ensuring our home is accessible and inclusive for all – old, young, black and white. A home we can be proud of!"


"I have lived in Cowplain for twenty-eight years and so am familiar with the area and its needs. Of great concern to me are environmental and social issues, so I will strive to improve Havant’s record on pollution, particularly plastics, and fight for our health, education and social services."


"I am representing the Green Party as a candidate for Hayling East.

I have been an Islander for most of my life and I love the community spirit and beautiful natural environment Hayling has to offer. I am passionate about ethical and sustainable living and would like to encourage and support more initiatives locally.

I am a primary teacher but also work as a volunteer for the marine conservation charity, Surfers Against Sewage. I am actively involved in protecting Hayling’s beaches from plastic pollution and helping businesses, organisations and individuals to reduce their single-use plastic."


"The Green Party would actively address the major issue of air pollution and poor quality house building that affect Purbrook. I've lived in Purbrook for ten years (my family has been here for 80+ years) and want to be part of a society that offers equal standards of housing, education, justice and health to everyone."