Portsmouth Green Party Candidates 2017

If you would like to ask your local candidate any questions, please do contact us by email on candidates@portsmouth.greenparty.org.uk. You can also find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up to Green Party News and Updates.


Ian McCulloch - Portsmouth South banner

We need a political system that puts the public first, and an economy that gives everyone their fair share. We need a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and I believe we have the means to do it.

The challenges faced by the people of Portsmouth include homelessness, poor air quality, unaffordable housing and a critically underfunded NHS.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we can ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live. Ending the creeping privatisation of the NHS and repealing the Health and Social Care Act will help us to restore a publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use. A rent cap, longer tenancies and licensing landlords will provide greater protection for renters. UK standards on air pollution are out of date, we need to implement charges for the most polluting vehicles, and support a more cycling- and walking-friendly city.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we can build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change.

Ken Hawkins - Portsmouth North banner

We need a government that protects the global environment while providing a sharing and sustainable economy.  One where global corporations cannot move from one country to another without full consultation.

An education system with a balance curriculum that is properly funded - by the state - not one where teachers feel the need to spend their salaries to keep the curriculum afloat.

An integrated transport system where rail and buses function together and that are state owned. Particular to Portsmouth a much better cycle way system.

A non-nuclear defence force; a navy that can be used as much for humanitarian causes as for national defence. The replacement of HMS Ocean like for like as this vessel is ideally suited for humanitarian relief. A larger number of conventionally powered submarines to replace the existing nuclear powered ones.



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