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If you want to help the Portsmouth Green Party - please donate!

Portsmouth Green Party members are hard at work all year round - delivering leaflets, sweating over press releases and navigating crumbling basement staircases as they canvass for support in the forthcoming elections. And this is work that should produce results, but hard labour, great representatives, and policies to tackle climate change, social injustice and the drive to war are not enough - the Green Party campaign also needs cash to deliver its message effectively.

It costs £20 to print 100 glowing green window posters, £200 to print a ward newsletter, £1,000 to rent a shop for the election period.

We in the Green Party don't have dodgy billionaire donors, we don't take dirty money from grubby big businesses, we're not in the pockets of media barons, but that means that we do have to ask our supporters and party members to dig deep, to contribute as much as you can.

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If you prefer, you can complete this standing order form and return it to:

Portsmouth Green Party
73 Francis Avenue


You can also support us by volunteeringvoting, switching energy providers or recycling through our partner schemes. We always need more volunteers, to speak to residents and deliver our newsletters, and make sure we get the Green Party's message across to every voter in Portsmouth. For more information of ways you can help, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or sign up to Green Party News and Updates

Green energy partnership

Ecotricity is dedicated to providing clean and affordable electricity, through continuing investment in new green energy.

The Portsmouth Green Party will receive a £25 donation from Ecotricity for every new gas or electricity customer and £50 for every new dual-fuel customer, plus another £25 or £50 for every 12 months they remain a customer.

Switch to a greener energy and support your local Green Party now