Portsmouth Elections

Help us campaign for green issues in Portsmouth!

The next Council elections are in 2022, but we continue to campaign for green issues in the mean time, and we still need your help to do this, so please donate or get in contact about helping out. We need people to canvas, deliver leaflets, help out with a stand and many more, so get in touch!

Previous Elections and Results

2021 - Local Elections

2019 - Local Elections

2018 - Local Elections

2017 - General Elections

2016 - Local Elections

2015 - General & Local Elections

2014 - European & Local Elections

2012 - Local Elections

2011 - Local Elections

2010 - General & Local Elections

2009 - European Elections


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Green energy partnership

Ecotricity is dedicated to providing clean and affordable electricity, through continuing investment in new green energy.

The Portsmouth Green Party will receive a £25 donation from Ecotricity for every new gas or electricity customer and £50 for every new dual-fuel customer, plus another £25 or £50 for every 12 months they remain a customer.

Switch to a greener energy and support your local Green Party now