Local Election Candidates & Results


Bob Simmonds 132 Votes 3%

Central Southsea

Tim Sheerman-Chase 181 Votes 5%

Charles Dickens

Sarah Gilbert 141 Votes 6%


Ken Hawkins 130 Votes 4%

Eastney & Craneswater

Menno Groen 172 Votes 4%


Mike Wines 114 Votes 4%


Emma Murphy 199 Votes 7%


Tamara Groen 193 Votes 5%


Duncan Robinson 136 Votes 5%

St Jude

Chris Jolley 187 Votes 5%

St Thomas

Bekkie Kingsley-Smith 154 Votes 4%


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Green energy partnership

Ecotricity is dedicated to providing clean and affordable electricity, through continuing investment in new green energy.

The Portsmouth Green Party will receive a £25 donation from Ecotricity for every new gas or electricity customer and £50 for every new dual-fuel customer, plus another £25 or £50 for every 12 months they remain a customer.

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