Green Party launches Brexit life raft with new policies for young people

26 April 2017

Green Party policies for young people banner

Young people are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations. It is a policy they didn’t want, that risks their future, and they are likely to be disproportionately affected by as the economy and jobs take a hit, higher education loses European funding, and the opportunities to study and learn abroad are taken away from them.

Young people need a liferaft in this Brexit storm and the Green Party is committed to building them one.

We will scrap the tuition fees that put so many off studying for a degree. We will reinstate Higher Education Maintenance Grants to ensure that those from the poorest backgrounds are not blocked from attending university. And we will make sure that Brexit does not have a disastrous impact on young people’s education by creating a UK equivalent of the EU Higher Education Funding which looks set to be scrapped.


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