Portsmouth Green Party Endorses Opposition Candidate for Cosham Ward in 2019 Local Elections

22 April 2019

Portsmouth Green Party is standing aside in Cosham Ward in the upcoming local elections and throwing our support behind Veronika Wagner, the National Health Action Party candidate.

We believe that the NHA Party shares many of our values and we are fully supporting the campaign to elect Veronika to the City Council

Veronika, originally from Germany, has been a senior doctor in the field of mental health in the Solent area since 2000, having worked within the NHS since 1998 and also served on the NHA party’s executive body since 2015.

She is running on the platform of ensuring the continuation of a publicly funded, provided, and accountable NHS, and fighting the ongoing threat of privatisation at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Veronika said: “I am also very concerned about the impact that air pollution has on the health of the city, so I would campaign for improved public transport and stricter clean air laws, alongside the Green Party. I also want to protect the civil rights of all Cosham residents against the increasingly hostile environment surrounding EU citizens, migrants, and refugees, as well as people with disabilities and people in poverty which impacts on health work too.”

Veronika also wants to support EU citizens in Cosham, most of whom cannot afford to apply for British citizenship as Brexit looms.

More information on National Health Action Party Solent can be found on their Facebook Page.

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