General Election Results

Portsmouth North - Gavin Ellis - 3.2% 1450 votes

Portsmouth South - Ian McCulloch - 7.5% 3145 votes

Caroline Lucas was re-elected in Brighton Pavilion, growing the Green Party majority by 11%. The Green Party received more than a million votes nationally, which means that more than four times as many people voted Green than at any previous General Election. In four seats the Green Party came second, and it retained over 100 deposits, including in Portsmouth South.

Local Election Candidates & Results


Sarah Coote 5% 379 Votes

Central Southsea

Ian McCulloch 21% 1384 Votes

Charles Dickens

Hannah Dawson 7% 367 Votes


Mark Townsin 5% 315 Votes


Ash Potter 5% 318 Votes

Drayton & Farlington

Gavin Ellis 7% 538 Votes

Eastney & Craneswater

Kate Worsfold 10% 646 Votes


Martin Cox 7% 408 Votes


Abbie Eales 5% 329 Votes


Jay Dunstan 11% 763 Votes


Bianca Vermeulen-Smith 4% 249 Votes


Phil Dickinson 4% 243 Votes

St Jude

James Quinn 14% 781 Votes

St Thomas

Anna Koor 12% 706 Votes


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Green energy partnership

Ecotricity is dedicated to providing clean and affordable electricity, through continuing investment in new green energy.

The Portsmouth Green Party will receive a £25 donation from Ecotricity for every new gas or electricity customer and £50 for every new dual-fuel customer, plus another £25 or £50 for every 12 months they remain a customer.

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